In 2012

One Little Word ~ Fullness

January. Nourish Faith.
    Read the Book of Mormon daily. Read the New Testament each weekday. Begin to read and apply 21 Days Closer to Christ (21-week project). Begin to read and apply Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World (24-week project). Begin to read Christ and the New Covenant. Read the Ensign cover to cover (on a monthly basis), with particular study of the General Conference issues. Begin to read seven books by Chieko Okazaki (long-term project). Keep a scripture journal by blogging at Feasting Upon His Word at least once a week. Start a personal prayer book. Attend the temple at least once a week. Prepare and present seven FHE lessons on temples. Begin a study of the life and teachings of George Albert Smith (year-long project).
February. Strengthen Connections.
    Schedule regular get-togethers with sisters. Write a monthly family newsletter. Spend one-on-one time with my kids. Mail notes to my daughter in college on a regular basis. Participate with the SLC Happiness Project group. Seek opportunities to serve others, even in little ways.
March. Focus on Wellness.
    Take vitamins daily. Implement a fitness plan for March 15-June 15. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Get enough sleep.
April. Appreciate God's Creations.
    Relish the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables in daily meals. Visit Red Butte Gardens on a regular basis. Visit a national park. Post a "Photo A Day."
May. Establish Order.
    Prepare and implement a menu plan each week. Continue decluttering.
June. Practice Random Acts of Kindness.
    Make a contribution to a difference charitable organization whose work I support every month for a year. Donate blood.
July. Enjoy Frivolous Fun.

August. Invest in the Future.
    Pay off the outstanding balance on my Citibank credit card.
September. Pay Attention, and Take Pleasure in Simple Things.
    Post one-sentence journal entries on a daily basis.
October. Seek Learning.
    Read 104 books during the year. Post about all 104 books at So Many Books, So Little Time. Seize opportunities to learn something new by attending presentations, panel discussions, book signings, exhibits, or similar events, at least once every other week.
November. Experience Grace.

December. Be Happy.

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