Friday, May 7, 2010

Brainstorming: What Brings Me Joy, Satisfaction, and Engagement

Reading. Chocolate. Politics. Debits equal credits. Music. Positive feedback on a training session I conducted. Diet Coke with Lime. Ideas. Raspberries. Lists. Watching my children learn and grow. Talking about books. Playing word games. Successfully reconciling an account. Spending time with my sisters. Being near the ocean. Starting at the beginning and working my way through systematically. Mexican food. Analysis. A sense of connection to Jesus Christ. Concepts. Movies that make me cry. Books that change who I am or what I think. Learning something new. Naps. Sunshine. Rain. A full moon. Thunderstorms. Taking photos. Walking. National parks. Football games. Learning to play something new on the piano. Planning. Gaining new insights from scripture study. Being in the temple. Order. Feeling loved. Feeling appreciated. Quiet time. Microwave popcorn. Justice. Mercy. A good night's sleep.

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