Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Enough Sleep

‎"Happiness consists in getting enough sleep.
Just that, nothing more."
      ~ Robert A. Heinlein

Last weekend I attended my annual women's retreat. The theme this year was "Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Embracing Wholeness" - and one of the workshops was on creating a happiness project!

For the introductions on Friday, we were each to select one of the elements - earth correlating to body, air to mind, fire to spirit, and water to emotions/relationships - and tell, in one minute or less, what we're doing to embrace wholeness through that element.

I choose earth, or body, because I've realized that that element is the one I neglect most and which I most need to embrace if I'm going to be whole. For my introduction I told the group about my Early to Bed resolution and shared Robert Heinlein's quote. I got a good laugh - while also sharing a great truth!

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