Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Create a Vision

Last month I had the opportunity to attend CommunityLIVE, a conference for OnBase users. OnBase, which I've been using at work for nearly four years, is an enterprise content management and process management software suite developed by Hyland Software. I've become quite a fan of the product as well as the company, and I was eager to have the opportunity to learn more and expand my skills at the conference. In addition to eating too much good food, I did just that!

At one of the general sessions of the conference, Bill Priemer, CEO of Hyland Software, spoke to us. His theme was the power of community — why we need each other. (I took notes, and maybe I'll write about some of those ideas another time.) Tonight, though, I just want to repeat one sentence that has applicability to the theme See Good Days:
To inspire is to create a vision of what could be.
            - Bill Priemer
Have you ever created a vision board? That's something I've thought about doing for a number of years. It seems like it might be a good place to start in my quest to see good days.

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