Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm Not Sugar or Salt

When my kids were little, my mom had a phrase she'd repeat to them whenever they were out together on a rainy day.

It's a good thing we aren't sugar or salt.

I don't remember her saying this when I was a child, and I don't know the phrase's origin. But the idea, I think, is that a little rain never hurt anyone — unless he or she is made of sugar or salt, which will dissolve away if it gets wet.

I thought of this phrase recently as I read in a young adult novel about two teenage boys joyfully playing in the rain on a summer afternoon.

In October 2014, religious leader Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, "Heavenly Father is constantly raining blessings upon us. It is our fear, doubt, and sin that, like an umbrella, block these blessings from reaching us."

When we not willing or able to close our umbrellas, we miss the daily evidences of God's love.

Saying Yes means recognizing the hand of God in my life and expressing gratitude for it.

I want to walk in the rain!

© Alison Walker 2016

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